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What is this Course about?

If you are a founder, manager, or fundraiser of a social or green startup, this course is designed as your guide to begin weaving impact into your startup’s DNA. With this approach, you do not only align all your startups’s activities towards pursuing your vision and mission, you also enhance your ability to convince impact investors, customers and potential partners alike. Bite-sized lessons, interactive exercises, and real-talk videos, we’ve got the tools you need to build or fine-tune your venture’s impact framework. Begin exploring the option of attracting impact investors now!

Your Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the benefits of integrating an impact framework into your startup, including opportunities of the impact investment market
  • Identify the critical components that constitute an effective impact framework that is aligned with the SDG Impact Standards for Enterprises
  • Describe the components of an impact framework for your startup
  • Apply impact-orientation to your startups’ operations and strategic planning

Course Features

  • Four comprehensive lessons
  • 10 minutes of video
  • Interactive exercises and graphics
  • Checklist for your startup’s impact framework

Who is this Course Designed for?

Leaders of startups or impact-driven startups, social entrepreneurs, leaders of nonprofits, eco-conscious entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs, leaders of green startups, urban innovators

Case Study Expert

Interwoven with the content is the case study of Tomorrow University, a social startup from the EdTech sector. This practical example illustrates what impact-oriented work can look like in concrete terms and how it benefits startups.

Your Expert

PHINEO is a non-profit think tank and consultancy focused on fostering social and ecological sustainability across sectors. It provides expertise to organizations aiming for impactful, sustainable transformations in a complex, VUCA world, emphasizing systemic approaches to bridge sectors and stakeholders. In doing so, PHINEO explores innovative philanthropy and impact investing to empower organizations with scalable impacts.