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How the ToU Works with its Impact Framework

Impact orientation implies an iterative approach of implementing impact strategy, analyzing the achieved impact, improving and reporting. Click on the hotspots of the graphic below to explore more videos in which Thomas tells you about on the ToU’s impact framework in action!

Source: UNDP / SDG Impact Standards for Enterprises

Before we delve into the subsequent steps you can take to build an impact framework for your own startup, check out how Thomas and his team at the Tomorrow University went about creating their impact strategy!

More on the Topic (partly in German):

The “Social Impact Navigator” is a practical guide for organizations that want to work in an impact-oriented way.

Eager to get going?

In the next lesson, you will learn about the steps you can take to set up an impact framework for your startup. Curious about where you stand? It also includes a quick self-check! Click ‘Next’ to proceed to the final lesson.